Hack for Sweden 2018

Hack for Sweden 2018

 Hack for Sweden 13-15 april @ Norrsken.

Hack for Sweden is an initiative to raise awareness and demonstrate the value of government agencies open data. It is a community consisting of over 30 government agencies and individuals who want to create sustainable impact with the tool of open data.

An annual 48-hour hackathon is the core event of Hack for Sweden. Hack for Sweden 2018



Government agencies taking the lead on Innovation!

Our mission is to build a community for open data creation to enable sustainable innovation in society. Our goal is to stimulate and support government agencies in their ongoing work aimed at making more public data available.

In 2018, as part of the process of increasing the digitalization of the public sector, the Swedish Government put focus on open data and data-driven innovation. Public sector, academic sector, enterprise and creative organizations from civil society need to interact and collaborate. Through open and data-driven innovation, more and more people can contribute to the digital welfare of tomorrow’s society and together create social benefits. Increased re-use of open data contributes to increased growth, participation and efficiency. The Swedish Government further argues that where there is social benefit, the public sector should be an active partner. Access to authorities’ data, if provided as open data, can lead to a variety of benefits for both society and economy. This includes giving citizens, businesses and civil society the opportunity for increased and more democratic involvement in the authorities’ activities, for example in policy design and implementation, but also for transparency in government decisions.

One of the Swedish Ggovernment’s objectives is to advance the use of open data to support innovation and participation. Authorities should actively seek to enable effective re-use of public information to facilitate the emergence of an information market and to help strengthen people’s self-government. If public data is published for re-use, this may be used to e.g. construct new e-services. One way to promote re-use of data is to arrange competitions in the form of so-called hackathons.


Arbetsförmedlingens digitala innovationscenter startade i mars 2016 med syftet att visualisera digitala möjligheter för morgondagens arbetsmarknad

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